Discover what our valued customers have to say about their Gourmonade experience.

 Gourmonade Testimonials

"This place has amazing lemonade! Some of the best lemonade I ever had in my entire life! Great customer service! The owner is very polite and welcomed me and my friends with a smile! Great prices! I will definitely come back and invite all of my friends and family! Thanks for making me feel welcomed!"

Tunisia T.

"Best.Lemonade.Ever (and Jasmine Palme too)! So fresh and tasty, it's like summer time sunshine in a bottle. The owner Vicktor is the nicest dude ever and we love both drinks."

Vicky L

"I'm not a fan of jasmine tea but the jasmine lemonade was really delicious! The price is nothing new in SF- not sure why others are surprised. Delicious and worth it!"

Karina V

"Delicious and refreshing lemonade!! Love it! Friendly owner and staff. Wish it was open more often."

Stephanie L

"Check this dude out! As someone who loves Jasmine Green tea, his Jasmine Palmer is out of this world! Perfectly blends the two flavors without one being more overpowering than the other. Plus he's super dope and down to earth. I respect his hustle and hope y'all go out and support!"

Megan Y

"I came here last week before going to Dolores Park and it was the perfect pick, refreshing and overall super delicious! Would highly recommend to anyone in the area!"

Dalia X

"What is this nectar of the gods? Freshly squeezed tart and sweet taste with a good selection. The only problem is that this is going to become a habit."

Douglas S

"Very refreshing and tasty! Reminded me of my childhood. We had the same tasty lemonade 'buratino' in my hometown. People of post-Soviet union countries would love it!"

Dana S

"Absolutely loved this juice, and I’ve tried every flavor available. I love the freshness, pure lemonade taste, which definitely quenched my thirst. Can’t wait to get more and excited about new flavors as well, all the way from Virginia."

Tiggy Tye

"Their selections of lemonade is amazing but the taste drools is absolutely delicious! Like, I don’t understand how Victor makes the lemonade perfect. How? The perfect sweetness. The perfect amount of citrus and tart taste from the lemon. Perfect amount of pulp and your choice of the amount. WOW!! I’m so excited to come back to try their blueberry lemonade☺️ thank you! Such a great guy also. Very humble! My husband and I will forever support his business."


"Love grabbing a lemonade every time we pass. Top 10 lemonades of my life, and I just love when local entrepreneurs hang out with their customers."

David Lieb

"Happened to ride my bike past Gourmonade and stopped to try some. It's amaaaaazing!! Spoke with the owner and his wife who were both very sweet. Would def recommend."

Stephania Castro

"Everything!!!! Omg he’s like the lemonade magician. Lol seriously. I don’t understand how he gets the flavors perfectly tart and sweet and the flavors OMG! Just wow."

Luis S